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$1 dollar lettuce ridiculous offer

MEG’s Ridiculous Offer!

Try your first grow bag of lettuce today for only a dollar. Seriously….$1

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  1. The 2022 growing season is underway!
  2. Shop our online store here to reserve your favorite edible plant/ grow bag using the best and easiest method of growing edible plants at home! (We encourage you to not believe this statement). Read our customer reviews and see for yourself…
  3. Pickup at :

* a local market (Northfield Riverwalk Market or Faribault)

* our nursery in Dennison, MN (by appointment)

* or have it delivered to you if you live in the Northfield, MN area

Here’s our 2022 market schedule :

Northfield Riverwalk Market
August 13, 20, 27September 17, 20October 8


Our Mission

MEG’s Edible Grow Bags

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission is to Help You Grow Food!

MEG’s Edible Landscapes TM is on a mission to help you grow food at home or wherever you’re currently at (even If it’s in a van down by the river or your cubicle at work)! If you need help growing food, you came to the right place, because we’re setting the standard for a unique, customer-centered experience in the universe of food production.

Wherever you’re currently at in your food-growing experience, we can help through unique products, expanding your knowledge base and services to meet your needs!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to grow food, keep reading.

MEG’s Edible Grow Bags

MEG’s Edible Landscapes TM currently features our MEG’s Edible Grow Bags which are a turn-key solution to growing food without a lot of hassle. Simply place these grow bags in a sunny spot and add water—that’s it! Here’s a quick comparison of MEG vs. Traditional Gardening Methods:

MEG vs. Traditional Gardening

Growing Food in a Raised Bed

Growing Food in Ground 

1. Place grow bag in a sunny spot

1. Purchase Raised Bed ($$$)

1. Buy a tiller


2. Add water

2. Setup Raised Bed

(Do you like manual labor?)

2. Till up the soil

3. Pick food when ready

3. Fill raised bed 

(You must love manual labor!?)

3. Plant seeds or transplant

4. Start seeds or purcahase transplants

4. Add water

5. Transplant plants into grow bed

(Do we get to pick food yet?)

5. Pull weeds

(Do you like manual labor?)

6. Add water

6. Pick Food

7. Pull weeds

(Seriously! More labor?)

8. Finally Pick food

These grow bags work great for people who:

  • live in an urban or suburban location
  • want the ability to move plants out of inclement weather (not possible with a traditional garden and very difficult with a heavy clay pot)


  • a HOA (Home Owner’s Association) which will not allow a traditional garden, but will allow potted plants
  • little to no topsoil
  • poor or unhealthy soil

Customer Reviews

“I purchased several grow pots from MEG’s Edible Landscapes. I had great success in growing several varieties of peppers, tomatoes, basil and cucumbers. I also grew hibiscus, cornflowers and sunflowers. Andrew, the owner of MEG’s is very knowledgeable and patient. He provided me with many tips that contributed to the success I had and the resulting bounty of vegetables and blossoms. A beautiful thing!”


“MEG’s Grow Bags provide a gardening experience for every gardener at heart, an equitable opportunity, regardless of land or cement outside the door! I have a sizable garden, yet added MEG’s bags-chili peppers, watermelon, lemon-cucumber, primarily due to a tough growing season. The yield of chili peppers was substantial and continued producing throughout the summer! We were able to enjoy plenty of salsa and colorful fajitas. I’ve never tasted anything like the lemon cucumbers! They were juicy, zesty and delightful with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. MEG’s owner is attentive, professional and extremely knowledgeable about his products.”


“Andy is 100% committed to customer satisfaction and you can tell how proud he is of his product. He is knowledgeable of what it takes to grow plants and is constantly seeking new ways to make gardening better. Always a quality product and if issues arise (animals, insects, etc) after you purchase he will help to find a solution.”


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are your grow bags organic certified?

Not currently. We use synthetic fertilizer and organic practices. Any products we use on the plants before they get to you comply with the OMRI.

Do I have to spend endless hours pulling weeds?

Do I have to buy a tiller?

Please don’t!
Do I have to transplant them into a garden?

Nope. They grow in the bag!
So, what’s the catch?

There’s no catch. You literally just have to place the grow bag in a sunny spot and add water. It’s that easy!

Skills required to successfully grow with MEG’s Edible Grow Bags:

#1: Are you able to recognize a location which is touched by the bright ball of gas in the sky aka sunlight?

#2: Are you able to apply water to a plant on a consistent basis?

Good News! If you answered yes to the two questions above, you have the skills to successfully grow a plant from MEG’s Edible Landscapes TM.

You might be thinking:

I’m still not convinced. I have a brown thumb.  

We anticipated this response. Please refer to the two skills required for successfully growing food using a grow bag above.

MEG's Edible Landscapes hoop house showing MEG's Edible Grow Bags featuring tomatoes, jalapeños, herbs, basil, carrots, beans, sugar snap peas
MEG’s Edible Landscapes Hoop House Nursery