About MEG’s Edible Landscapes

I launched MEG’s Edible Landscapes in the Spring of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

News stories covered disruptions in major food processing facilities, supply chains, and even toilet paper?! But—did you know there was also a run on vegetable seeds? As soon as I found out about the seed run, I told my wife I was going to launch MEG. There was suddenly a huge interest in growing food!!!

Now, I had thought about a similar scenario before and always asked myself “is bigger really better when it comes to our food system”? I’m not alone. Many have thought about this same issue. Decentralization of something as important as our food seems to be a no-brainer. Why not grow food at home. You get huge benefits like:

  • Controlling inputs
  • Enjoying beautiful plants
  • Learning new skills
  • Satisfaction of being a little more self-reliant
  • Plus the biggie — You get to eat what you grow!

Besides those benefits, did you have parents or grandparents with edible gardens? We did too! This was another driving force behind MEG’s Edible Landscapes. It seemed like a normal part of a home once upon a time, so we’re striving to reconnect lost edible gardens with homes in the new millennium. Did you know there were other times which drove demand in edible gardens like the World War Victory Gardens?

So Who Is MEG?

Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but there is no MEG even though a girl is depicted in the logo. It’s an acronym for My Edible Garden. Why, you might ask? It’s because the founder is a retired Soldier and loves acronyms, or maybe acronyms are just hip. Either way, it’s a play on words coupled with an original logo (created by another young lady name Jemma) resulting in the creation of MEG!

About MEG’s Founder  

I grew up in Silverdale, Wa on the Kitsap Peninsula and honestly couldn’t stand the rain! That’s why I now call Minnesota home with my wife and daughters, two dogs, chickens and tropical fish.

I bring with me over a decade’s worth of experience in growing food and am currently working on my degree in Horticulture at Oregon State University. There’s also an unquenchable thirst for plant knowledge springing up from within my soul. No screwing around here. It’s all about growing food!  

MEG’s Edible Landscapes is here for you and your growing needs. If it’s edible, MEG can help!          

Andy Webster

Founder, aka MEG’s Dad

Veteran Owned Businesses

Veterans are used to leaning on each other and working together as a team to accomplish missions. That’s why we support our brothers and sisters who’ve jumped into running their own business ventures. MEG’s Edible Landscapes is a veteran-owned and operated business (Airborne All The Way!) and supports these veteran-owned businesses:

Mighty Fine Coffee

409 1st Avenue NE, Suite A., Faribault, MN 55021

If you love coffee, you got to check these guys out! Mighty Fine Coffee is owned and operated by Nate Cunningham (a former Army Intelligence Operator) and Jordan Brennan. Their coffee roasts are top notch and as good if not better than the popular premium roasters currently in the market.