Grow More Food With an Apple Valley CSA Membership

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Apple Valley, MN CSA Near Me

We get it! Food is getting stupidly expensive these days. Just look at this report. According to a CNBC story, the typical American family is spending $445 more a month due to food price inflation. Not only are food prices rising, growing a traditional garden can be a major time suck as well as difficult. MEG’s has a solution for you. We have developed a different type of CSA located right in your town of Apple Valley, Minnesota. Instead of having to drive to local farms with traditional CSA setups, MEG will bring the CSA to your doorstep via a delivery service. If you’d like to skip the reading and go straight to the CSA information, check out the basic CSA or premium CSA. Sign up for a CSA here.

What’s in an Apple Valley, MN CSA?

So what’s an Apple Valley CSA anyways? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. MEG’s Edible Landscapes is taking this concept 100 steps further and has successfully flipped the traditional CSA business model on its head. Now, you can have your plants and eat them too! Ah, see what we just did there? We have developed a CSA model that allows you to pick your plants, grow them on site, and it’s all done with an automated system. You don’t have to worry about weeding, digging, or any other problems commonly associated with the traditional garden.

MEG’s Edible Landscapes

MEG’s Edible Landscapes is a plant nursery wholly devoted to your success in growing food at home! We’re located in Dennison, MN overlooking the majestic Sogn Valley. All of our plants are started and grown here and use as many inputs as humanly possible from Minnesota. Did you know we use local compost and aged Minnesota pine bark? We strive to use as many locally-sourced inputs as possible to grow edible plants. It just makes plain sense. We’ve never really seen the sense in shipping all of the inputs into a product halfway around the globe. The last two years haven’t also shown what can happen when locally sourced inputs are not available. Someone say toilet paper crisis! Boom!

What to expect

Expect to be successful with growing food. It’s as crazy as it sounds isn’t it? You will be successful with MEG’s CSA and growing system though. If for any reason there’s a problem, we won’t quit until the problem solved. This could be something as simple as placing some mechanical insect barriers over leafy greens to keep cabbage moths off the delicious kale. We’re also constantly improving our products to better serve our green thumb clients. Wait, but you say “I don’t have a green thumb though”. We love to hear this. No experience is needed with our CSA system because it’s automated. We have an automated watering system we use to ensure your plants get all the water they need when they need it!

Basic CSA

Here’s the deal on the Basic CSA. This package contains plants selected by you, monthly delivery of new plants and out automated watering system. Check out more of the details here. This package is great to start with for new customers. You can always add on to this package.

Ridiculous Offer

Ridiculous offer you say? How does one dollar sound for a weeks worth of produce for a family of four? Seriously, this is megs ridiculous offer to try your first week of our plant program. Wait there’s more!!! Try your first MONTH for only $1! (“DId he just say 1 doll hair?). $1 FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH of either the basic CSA or Premium CSA.

How we’re a different Apple Valley CSA

Have you ever been a CSA member and were captive to what was grown on the farm? Did you have any input into what you got for that weeks share box? Do you dislike tomatoes yet somehow ended up with a massive box of tomatoes from your local farm? Do you just love to travel to a farm every Thursday afternoon to pick up your produce while you’re holding your two school-age children with? We’re intimately aware and familiar with all these problems with traditional CSA’s. This is why we’ve taken steps to solve these problems with our new plant CSA. Instead of you having to travel to the farm to pick up the produce, the farm is going to come to your doorstep.

Our commitment

We guarantee all of our plans for 30 days. With our automated system, we guarantee our plants from seed to seed. This means that a plant, if coupled with our automated watering system, is guaranteed to complete its lifecycle. For instance, this means a tomato plant will produce tomatoes. If for some reason there is a problem or issue, will rectify the problem or will replace the plants.

Final Thoughts

if you’re looking for a unique Apple Valley CSA experience near me that provides the benefit of time saving, MEG’s Edible Landscapes is your go to business. Also, be thinking about what your favorite fruits and vegetables are. Already know? Let us know what your favorites are here. With megs edible landscapes, you’re the boss, and you get to choose what you grow as part of your CSA experience.