Best Plant Nursery In Northfield

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Best Plant Nursery In Northfield

MEG's Edible Landscapes is the Best Plant Nursery in Northfield showing a parsley and mint plants by the Ames Mill.
Parsley and Mint

Are you looking for the best plant nursery in Northfield, MN? Let MEG’s Edible Landscapes TM show you how we can rightly claim the position of best plant nursery!

Who Is MEG’s Edible Landscapes?

MEG’s Edible Landscapes is your local edible plant nursery. What does that meat? It means we grow, service and support edible plants exclusively. No one else in Northfield can claim this statement! We were spurred into service in response to the Global Pandemic last year and are blazing an edible trail throughout Minnesota. Check out our “About” page for more information on MEG’s Edible Landscapes.

A little about the name MEG’s Edible Landscapes TM. We have a list of frequently asked questions. One question that always comes up is the name “MEG” and “who is MEG”? At the local farmers markets, Andy, the owner definitely doesn’t look like MEG, so what’s the answer? Here’s the answer: psst…there is no human MEG. MEG is an acronym for My Edible Garden. So the logo showing a girl holding a basket of food is actually a manifestation of My Edible Garden. MEG, the logo, also embodies the spirit of being self-resilient and dedication to growing food. She’s also a constant reminder that growing food anywhere, any time is not only possible but easier than you might think.

What Does The Best Plant Nursery In Northfield Do?

Quite simply, we deliver successful experiences in growing food. Our grow bags come with guarantees stated on our policy page. We want nothing more than for you to have a successful growing experience no matter where you’re currently at in your gardening experience and no matter where you’re at physically. We’ve sold grow bag systems to people living in vans, RV’s, apartments, condos, townhomes, single-family homes with no soil, single-family homes with poor, and single-family homes with oppressive Home Owners Associations (HOA’s). We’ve even sold house edible plants. What we’re trying to say is MEG’s Edible Landscapes removes as many of the obstacles to successful gardening as possible. We’re here to see you through a successful edible growing experience.

In the coming year, MEG’s Edible Landscapes will not only deliver quality edible plants, but we will be adding education and services to the mix. These three pillars are what place us ahead as the best plant nursery in Northfield. We’ve noticed the world wide web contains a lot of really great information for home growers. We’ve also noticed that the world wide web contains a lot of anecdotal information and sometimes info that is just plain false. If you’re new to growing food, this can be overwhelming, and we want to try and minimize the informational overload. We’re going to accomplish this by synthesizing relevant information down to the “need to know” level.

How Does MEG’s Do It?

How does MEG’s Edible Landscapes do it you may ask? There’s a relentless spirit in this company that doesn’t accept defeat. If you read the about page, you probably noticed the founder is a retired Army vet. Andy spent his first 4 years after high school in the 82nd Airborne Division. That’s where the “never quit” spirit was harnessed and cultivated.

We grow all of our plants here on the farm out in Sogn Valley. We’re a true nursery. This is different than other nurseries which are retail nurseries or what we like to call “pass-through” nurseries. They sell plants that someone else started. Because we start all the plants we sell, it is accompanied by a level of dedication and pride in the plant that can’t be replicated. Many have asked us how we have so many beautiful plants for sell. We typically respond with “a lot of love’.

What Else Does MEG’s Do?

We do whatever we need to do to support our customers. This can mean something as simple as suggesting a new location for a basil plant because the neighbors cute bunny decided it wanted to make bruschetta for dinner with a MEG’s basil grow bag. It’s a true story … well … maybe not the bruschetta part. In fact, we may have mixed up the details. Come to think about it, the owner of the MEG’s basil bag was trying to make bruschetta and couldn’t because the neighbors cute bunny devoured the basil! We solved the problem by moving the bag to a different, elevated location. Problem solved. Sometimes it’s that easy.

Other times, there are more complicated circumstances influencing an edible plant’s growth. We love these problems. We also love solving these types of problems too.


Did you know there’s a series of educational institutions whose mission involves helping you grow food? These are know as America’s land-grant universities. The University of Minnesota is one of these land-grant universities. Their extension service is a great resource for gardeners and farmers alike in the state of Minnesota, because the information pertains to growing conditions within the state. We definitely have a challenging growing environment here.

Land-grant universities in other states have a treasure trove of information too which can be useful to Minnesotans as well. For instance, the Minnesota extension is probably not going to have a ton of information on growing citrus plants, but Florida’s extension service most definitely will. Just about every state has at least one extension service. Some have more, and MEG’s Edible Landscapes is dedicated to relaying this level of quality information to you. This level of knowledge is what makes MEG’s stand out as the best plant nursery in Northfield!

Here’s a bonus, bonus section. We’re going to give a plug for Oregon State University for a moment. Here’s a link to their extension service. This university is a land-grant university and also has outstanding horticulture and gardening education opportunities. Here’s a link to their gardening course. They also have other gardening educational opportunities online as well.