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Special Minnesota Growing Project: Operation Cup of Joe Part 1

Growing up in the Seattle area almost requires humans to consume inordinate amounts of caffeine to counteract the lack of sunshine. I still remember my grandma warning about the old wive’s tale concerning coffee stunting my growth. Fortunately, I kept on growing. Wait! Am I supposed to be 7′ tall now instead of 6’2″? I digress.

Like many others in the Pacific Northwest, I started consuming coffee at an early age—13 for me. This was at the same time Seattle was experiencing a gourmet coffee boom throughout the late 80’s and 90’s. Who could miss Starbucks? They seemed like they, or some other knock-off shop, were springing up on every corner in town.

Fast-forward to the end of my high school years, I left Washington state for the U.S. Army (to chase sunshine :)! Needless to say, there’s a special spot in my heart for Soldiers and veterans as well as coffee!

Mighty Fine Coffee

If you haven’t stopped by Mighty Fine Coffee in Faribault, MN, make a point to stop by next Saturday between 7am-1pm where owners Nathaniel Cunningham and Jordan Brennan will welcome you with the best coffee you’ve ever tasted! Nate is a former intelligence operator with the Army and has a love for supporting veterans too.

Now for the backstory on the Cup of Joe project:

MEG over the past three years has been at the Faribault Farmers Market on Saturday mornings between 7am-noon. After the market wraps up, I’d swing by Mighty Fine to hang out with Nate, Jordan and other caffeine-consuming patrons. One of those weekends, I noticed a little coffee plant in a little white coffee cup and thought it would be awesome to setup a coffee plant in an automated fashion to showcase Mighty Fine

…and the birth of the project commenced thereafter.

Look for regular updates on Operation Cup of Joe in the coming months!

MEG’s Edible Landscapes

MEG is continuing to add new and exciting products to the lineup every year. This year, we’re adding more than half a dozen new hot and mild pepper varieties alone plus special projects like Operation Cup of Joe in this post!

Besides adding awesome new pepper varieties to the lineup this year (and coffee!), have you checked our new CSA starting this Spring? We had requests for CSA memberships last year and thought “why not”? It’s a brilliant idea coupled with MEG’s tried and true method using grow bags. Our automated watering system is complimentary to each CSA package this year too! No more worrying about watering plants. We’re taking that chore off your plate. Check out the basic membership here. Don’t delay, we only have 20 CSA memberships available for 2023!

Final Thoughts

If you’re a diehard coffee drinker like some of us here at MEG’s Edible Landscapes, consider growing your own coffea plant. Even though we’re in Minnesota, it’s still possible to grow tropical plants albeit indoors. Cheers to a Mighty Fine Cup of Joe.

Keep growing!


MEG’s Dad and Founder