Contact M.E.G.

Here’s a list of possible ways to get in contact with MEG:

Carrier Pigeon

Send a carrier pigeon to these GPS coordinates: 44.38595594293449, -92.96496625879783. Put your mind at ease and know that your pigeon will find a nice resting spot next to the local resident pigeons who are comfortably perched inside a 120+ year old barn. The Watchdog chickens “Rainier” and “Same Great Taste” will also welcome your carrier pigeon.

By the way, does your pigeon have any food allergies?


Call MEG at the Office @ 507-301-1463 Monday – Friday, 7am – 5 pm. If the phone goes to voicemail, we’re most likely working in the hoop house, field or in the nursery. We’re literally located between corn rows and soybeans. As you can imagine, the cell signal is something to be desired. We WILL return your phone call as soon as possible.

Mountain Bike Courier

Send a mountain bike courier to 3390 Sogn Valley Trl., Dennison, MN 55018 between the hours of 3:30pm and 5pm Mondays. If the bicyclist courier likes a challenge, ride from the Sogn Valley Trl east entrance at the intersection of County 14 Blvd and Sogn Valley Trl. This is also a popular biking trail that sees hundreds of bicylists a year.   

“Snail Mail”

Send a post card or letter from your Hawaiian getaway to: 3390 Sogn Valley Trl, Dennison, MN 55018. Let us know what the weather is like there, how big a wave you caught and what your edible landscaping goals are for the next year.


Email us from space: If you’re fortunate enough to take a trip into space, let us know what’s for lunch, what you’re watching for the inflight movie, and most importantly, your favorite edible plant.

Contact MEG at the edible plant hoop  in Dennison, MN
Contact MEG’s Office

Contact Information

M.E.G. My Edible Garden, LLC dba MEG’s Edible Landscapes TM 3390 Sogn Valley Trl Dennison, MN 55018

Phone: 507-301-1463 Email:

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