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CSA Near Me


CSA Near Me

if you’re looking for a CSA near me, look no further than MEG’s edible landscapes located in South Central Minnesota. We service the Northfield, Faribault, Cannon Falls and surrounding areas in Rice and Goodhue Counties. Makes edible landscapes is unique in that we also offer delivery to your doorstep instead of requiring you to drive to a local pick up site or to a CSA farm.

What’s a CSA?

So what’s the CSA? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Think of it as a system where a farmer teams up with a client to grow food. Customers traditionally pay for a season’s worth of produce before the growing season begins. This helps out the farmer, but it may not be the best financial arrangement for the client. These programs offer a unique opportunity for the client or customer to intimately know and be familiar with where their food is produced. It’s no secret that much of the produce that we see at the supermarket aisles is tracked hundreds or even thousands of miles across the country.

MEG’s Edible Landscapes

MEG’s Edible Landscapes is a plant nursery wholly devoted to edible plants. We also specialize in container plants including are now famous fabric grow bags. These grow bags are a perfect solution for the Minnesota growing season. It’s no secret that Minnesota has a ridiculously short opportunity to grow food during the warmer months. This makes it a massive challenge for traditional gardens that are planted in the ground. But, what do you do when you’re a renter, live in an urban or suburban area, or don’t have proper garden soil? This is the beauty of grow bags in that they solve this problem.

What to expect

Expect fantastic customer service. That’s one of our top priorities. Also, as crazy as it sounds, expect a successful growing experience. It says crazy as it sounds. You will be successful with MEG’s CSA and growing system. If for any reason there’s a problem, we won’t quit until the problem solved. This could be something as simple as play some mechanical insect barriers over let us to keep cabbage mouths off the delicious kale. We’re also constantly improving our products to better serve our clients.

Ridiculous Offer

Ridiculous offer you say? How does one dollar sound for a weeks (scratch that! One month) worth of produce for a family of four? Seriously, this is megs ridiculous offer to try your first month of our plant program. For more information on this program, check out the basic membership.

How we’re a different CSA Northfield MN

Have you ever been a CSA member and were captive to what was grown on the farm? Did you have any input into what you got for that weeks share box? Do you dislike tomatoes yet somehow ended up with a massive box of tomatoes from your local farm? Do you just love to travel to a farm every Thursday afternoon to pick up your produce while you’re holding your two school-age children with? We’re intimately aware and familiar with all these problems with traditional CSA’s. This is why we’ve taken steps to solve these problems with our new plant CSA. Instead of you having to travel to the farm to pick up the produce, the farm is going to come to your doorstep.

Our commitment

We guarantee all of our plans for 30 days. With our automated system, we guarantee our plants from seed to seed. This means that a plant, if coupled with our automated watering system, is guaranteed to complete its lifecycle. For instance, this means a tomato plant will produce tomatoes. If for some reason there is a problem or issue, will rectify the problem or will replace the plants.

Final Thoughts

if you’re looking for a unique CSA near me experience that provides the benefit of time saving, MEG’s Edible Landscapes is your go to business. Also, be thinking about what your favorite fruits and vegetables are. Because with megs edible landscapes, you’re the boss, and you get to choose what you grow as part of your CSA experience.