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CSA Northfield MN

MEG’s Edible Landscapes is your local CSA Northfield Minnesota. We provide a unique opportunity to grow food at home and to the growing food at a farm which is out of sight and out of mind. Just about anything on a tradition farm can be grown on your doorstep with a little ingenuity. We grow everything from tomatoes and peppers to sugar snap peas and even watermelon on your patio.

What’s a CSA?

So what’s the CSA? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Think of it as a system where a farmer teams up with a client to grow food. Traditionally a client pays the farmer an agreed-upon price before the season begins. This helps farmers with getting extra cash upfront to invest in things like seeds, fertilizer, and other materials needed to grow produce for the crank season. The client also shares in the risk with the farmer in case there is a crop failure.

What we do

MEG’s Edible Landscapes is a plant nursery holy devoted to edible plants. We’re also a niche business in that we specialize in urban and suburban growing. Currently, we’re working on rolling out version 2.0 where we incorporate raised grow beds with our grow bags. We are also coupling these two items with automated watering to provide an experience for our clients like none other. All our clients have to do is figure out what’s up next to harvest and eat.

How we do it

It all starts with our grill bags. Each edible plants is in its own container with its own custom soil mix. We mix our own soil specific to the plants in the container. Slow release fertilizer is added to guarantee the plant will have all the nutrients it needs throughout the growing season. The only missing element then is water. This year, we are automating the watering system so that our clients won’t have to worry about that input.

How we’re a different CSA Northfield MN

MEG’s CSA Northfield MN puts a different spin on this traditional set up. Instead of paying upfront, make offers the option of making installments during the season. Many of our clients appreciate this model as it helps with expenses and budgeting throughout the summer. We also provide a delivery service. Typically, CSA’s have pick up sites for clients. This is a big disservice and that the client is required to make weekly trips out to the farm or another pick up site to pick up the produce. With our system there’s no grocery trips because the food is growing on site at the clients location.

Our commitment

We guarantee all of our plans for 30 days. With our automated system, we guarantee our plants from seed to seed. This means that a plant, if coupled with our automated watering system, is guaranteed to complete its lifecycle. For instance, this means a tomato plant will produce tomatoes. If for some reason there is a problem or issue, will rectify the problem or will replace the plants.

Final Thoughts

if you’re looking for a unique CSA Northfield Minnesota experience that makes sense and provides the benefit of time saving, MEG’s Edible Landscapes is your CSA.