Flowers in Northfield MN

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Stop! Don’t buy the dead and dying flowers from a florist when you could have blooming flowers in Northfield MN for months upon months with MEG’s edible flower grow bags. Yeah, they’re edible too!

Photo of flowers in Northfield MN
Flowers in Northfield MN


The elephant in the room

Everybody thinks about it a week after cut flowers begin dying on the dining room table. “Geez, I wish these flowers lasted longer!” Petal by petal, the flowers begin decaying. It’s sad really. The process repeats the next time cut flowers are purchased and placed on the dining room table. Nothing changes. Life goes on. Nobody talks about the fact that the flowers are dead the moment they’re walked over the threshold into the home. They’ve been severed from their roots, finished, that’s a wrap.

Do we really have to settle for this repeating cycle though? Of course not! Live, vibrant flowers can bring absolute joy. Try to not smile the next time you walk by a gigantic sunflower. There’s just something about live flowers which livens our souls.

A change for the better

Instead of bringing dead and dying flowers into the house, have you ever considered growing flowers in the house? Many folks already have house plants scattered around in nooks, crannies, and window ledges. Change up the routine of bringing home dead and dying flowers by substituting those with alive and thriving flowers. Yes! Flowers can grow indoors and thrive too!

Potted flowers work perfect for this setup. Make sure the area has plenty of light though. After all, living flowers are still growing and need their source of energy for photosynthesis.

Flowers in Northfield MN

Drive around town sometime in spring and look out for all of the flowers in the town. Flowers can be seen in the town square, by the bridge, in the dozens of parks and hanging from lamp poles by the fire station. Did you know the Northfield garden club provides many of the flowers in common Northfield areas? Next time you’re heading North on Highway 3, look to the west before crossing over the Cannon River and you’ll see three bicycles holding beautiful flowers. Yup, they’re from the Northfield garden club.

MEG to the rescue

Did you see MEG out in Northfield last year? MEG’s Edible Landscapes sold flowers at the Riverwalk Market as well as down by the new service station on the south side of town. The flowers were a huge hit for Mother’s Day. Flowers available last year consisted of calendula, violas, pansies, hibiscus, and sunflowers. The best part of all the flowers was the fact they were live plants in MEG’s grow bags. The calendula, violas and pansies all performed exceptionally well. We had “Johnny jump up’s” and calendula growing from May until November! Think about that. 7 months of continuous flowering! Knowing this, would you still opt for the dead and dying flowers from the local florist, or would you instead opt in for the continuously flowering plant?

What’s the secret?

There’s really no secret to MEG’s grow bag flowers in Northfield MN. The grow bags themselves are brilliant in that they host only the best growing environment for a plant. This is because the roots have a semi-permeable membrane which can breath. I suppose now that I mentioned it, that is sort of the secret. Plant roots need oxygen for respiration. That’s one of the key differences between fabric grow bags and plastic nursery pots. The plastic nursery pots don’t breath. The fabric grow bags do!

What’s more, every grow bag sold from MEG’s is set up with a custom potting mix which is unlike anything you’ll ever find at a commercial nursery or big box store. In fact, if you were to purchase three different bags of “potting soil” from a commercial nursery or big box store, you’ll get variations on the same theme. What’s the theme? Thanks for asking. The theme is called peat moss. Peat moss is a great medium for potting soil, but it’s typically used as the primary ingredient in commercial growing mixes. This actually is not favorable to the plant because peat moss doesn’t have any nutrients.

Did someone mention edible flowers?

What could be better than having edible flowers sitting a grow bag in the middle of the kitchen or dining room table? Maybe dessert. Besides that though, all the flowers MEG’s sells are edible like the calendula, violas, pansies and sunflowers. Of course, sunflowers are a favorite snacking treat as well. For the 2022 season, MEG’s will be offering other edible flowers as well like nasturtiums.


Besides what we commonly think of flowers, have you ever thought about your favorite garden vegetable? Many garden vegetables have beautiful flowers also! Last year we grew out purple cayenne pepper plants. The flowers on those plants had mixed white and purple flower petals. How awesome is nature!

Some other popular garden vegetable which produce beautiful flowers in Northfield MN are:

  • tomatoes (of course!)
  • peppers
  • watermelon
  • cucumbers
  • carrots (did you know carrots are biennials? This means they grow their traditional looking root in the first year and go to seed in the second year. However, when the plant is stressed in the first year, it is possible for it to go to seed. That happened in 2021 with the long dry summer)
  • lettuce
  • radishes (the plants may be tiny, but boy oh boy do they produce seeds. One little radish can produce a thousand seeds all by itseslf!!!)
  • potatoes (really?…yes!)
  • spinach (did you know spinach produces male and female plants? that piece of information is for the horticulture geeks like me)

Flowers don’t have to be expensive. They don’t have to be dead and dying. They can be living, breathing and thriving at home to help keep our spirits up. With all of the negativity over the past two years, something as simple as a living flower plant can be just the thing to help!