Local Gardeners Near Me

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Are there any local gardeners near me? Of course! MEG’s Edible Landscapes is at your service.

Local gardeners near me
Local gardeners near me


The who

MEG’s Edible Landscapes is your local gardener located in the majestic Sogn Valley, MN minutes east of Dennison, MN. We service Northfield, Faribault, Cannon Falls, Farmington, Rochester and the Twin Cities by appointment. MEG’s Edible Landscapes specializes in edible gardens and features a turn-key solution for you to have guaranteed success. What is this “turn-key solution”? It’s MEG’s edible grow bags. More about the grow bags later. MEG’s started in the spring of 2020 in response the COVID-19 pandemic to give customers an easy way of growing food successfully!

The what

With MEG’s edible grow bags, you become the local gardeners near me. Say that again? Think of MEG as an invisible force behind your garden. All the tools and equipment are in your possession so you can become successful at growing food. Potting mix, fertilizer, amendments, rigging, stakes, twine have all been thought of and included with your grow bag so you can be successful with whatever you’re growing. Ever seen anything like a grow bag before? Neither had we. That’s the foundational reason behind MEG. Make gardening as easy as possible for our customers.

What about?

What about traditional gardening? If you’re lucky enough to have topsoil, then consider yourself blessed. That’s because many of the new homes built today don’t have any topsoil. If they do, it’s not much or has been spread out unevenly below the sod. Don’t get us wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with traditional gardening. MEG certainly wishes everyone had garden soil readily available. However, that’s just not the reality sadly. If you have good garden soil and need some help figuring out where to start. Or, maybe you started and am not sure what to do next. Then, send MEG an email, text, carrier pigeon, or call today to get some helpful and free planning advice for your garden. Did we mention free advice?

But, I have a raised garden bed.

That’s fantastic, and it’s a lovely option for successfully growing food. Local gardeners near me (MEG) can assist with your raised garden bed. That’s because, in a way, MEG’s grow bags are a raised garden bed by themselves. Also, did you know the owner of MEG’s has many years of experience growing food in raised garden beds? Here are some great benefits of traditional raised garden beds:

  • Improved drainage vs. traditional in-ground gardening
  • it’s a solution to the no topsoil problem previously discussed
  • depending on how high the bed is built, it may help with being easier on the lower back because you don’t have to bend over so far when working the bed or harvesting food.

Are there local gardeners near me in an urban area?

Absolutely! MEG had the urban environment in mind when developing the business model to use grow bags as a primary growing container. Also, suburban areas will benefit from the grow bags too. If you’re in an urban area, there are a few things which need to be considered. First, determine where the southern exposure is. This will tell you what kinds of plants you can grow. For instance, warm-weather plants like tomatoes and peppers will thrive with a southern exposure. If you have a west exposure, that may work too. If you have a northern or eastern exposure, you can still grow plants. Just know they won’t thrive as much as if they were on the south side.

How about suburban?

We mentioned previously, and it bears repeating because of the importance. MEG’s started out to primarily serve you if you live in a suburban or urban area. Suburban locations have unique issues that can be problematic like the topsoil issue. Don’t worry though! MEG has you covered. Give us a call or send a text even if you just have a particular growing problem. Some issues we can probably help out with include:

  • mechanical/rigging systems for different types of plants
  • pest/insect pressure
  • soil nutritional problems
  • soil testing
  • fruit tree, fruiting bush or vine pruning and care
  • aquaponics/hydroponics

Even it it’s not listed above, feel free to contact MEG about it. If we don’t know, we’re committed to answering your need.

Final thoughts

If you’ve read through some of the other pages on MEG’s website, you probably caught onto the fact the MEG is pretty serious about growing food. That’s because it’s something that is fundamental to life. If MEG had her way and a magic wand, everyone would have some sort of garden no matter the location. You could be in a condo, townhome, hut, tent, and it doesn’t matter. If there’s a source of water and rays of sunshine, food can be grown. MEG is here for you. Call us if you need assistance or some sort of advice, and we’ll be sure to provide you with the absolute best service possible.

One more once

Did you parents or grandparents have gardeners when you were younger? This is just a question of mere curiosity. Once upon a time last millenium, it was standard for many homes to have vegetable gardens which supplemented the food needs of the house members. That’s what MEG is striving for. It’s not necessarily for nostalgia reasons as much as it is for food security and one other big thing. Flavor! Most grocery consumers never realize how much they’re missing out on the flavor which is being sacrificed for the benefit of picking up a tomato or pepper in the produce isle. Many varieties of produce at the grocery store were selected by the farmers for shipping traits not necessarily for taste, flavor and nutrition.

That’s the best part of growing your own garden. You get to eat all of the goodness that comes out of it. If you’ve tasted homegrown anything, you’ll know what MEG is talking about.

Keep growing!