Cherry Tomato

Photo of a cherry tomato fruit cluster

Cherry tomato plants are easy to grow in Minnesota as long as they’re set up for success!


  1. I’m New: Cherry Tomato Grow Bag Information
  2. Where’s The Source of Water?

I’m New: Cherry Tomato Grow Bag Information

Congratulations and welcome to the world of growing cherry tomatoes! With a grow bag setup, growing tomatoes is super easy. Here’s the quick and dirty “need to know” information to be successful with your cherry tomato grow bag:

Where’s The Source Of Water?

Locate your water source? Do you have a water spigot located within a close proximity to the grow bag? Grow bags can be watered quickly (less than 5 seconds per bag), but they need water on a consistent basis. When the summer heat arrives, they’ll need water every day.

Here are a couple of easy methods for determining if your cherry tomato plant needs water:

  1. Use the finger method: Insert you finger into the soil. If soil sticks to your finger, your plant is good to go and doesn’t need any water. If your finger comes out clean and dry, you’ll need to add water.
  2. Lift and feel: Gently tilt the bag and feel the bottom. If the bottom of the bag is dry, it needs water immediately. The bottom of the bag should never be completely dry.

Hot tip! Going on vacation and can’t find a neighbor kid to water your plant for you? No problem! Here are some great solutions:

  • Fill a bucket (wider than the grow bag) with water. Set the grow bag inside. The plant will wick up the water from the bottom.
  • Use an automated watering device. There are many different watering timers on the market. Certain types may be found at your local big box store like this one.