101 Greatest Reasons For Growing Your Own Food-Part 2

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Own your environment by growing at home like this Tasmanian Chocolate tomato plant


Grow Your Own Food Part 2: Own Your Growing Environment

1. For Peace of Mind

Owning your own growing environment can give you peace of mind by knowing exactly where your food is and how its being handled. Concerned about pesticide and herbicide use? We are too!

2. For Tranquility

Owning your own growing environment allows you a unique opportunity to experience mother nature’s beauty and tranquility. Each day is different than the last because plants, like children, are growing and changing frequently. We love early morning walks through the plant nursery. This is when flowers are opening for the day to greet the sun. The bees wake up and head out to gather nectar. Birds start singing. It’s an experience that can be spiritual at many times too.

3. For a Beneficial Habitat

Butterflies, lady bugs, bumble bees oh my. If you own your growing environment, you either deliberately or inadvertently create a beautiful and attractive environment for other living organisms to thrive. Some of these other organisms help protect your growing space against those that might want to destroy or cause problems. For example, ladybugs which are attracted to edible plants like dill and corriander will also eat pest insects such as aphids. If left unchecked aphids can do significant damage to your leafy greens.

Final Thoughts

We’re going to continue on this quest to give you the 101 Greatest Reasons For Growing Your Own Food in future posts. Peace of mind, tranquility and beneficial habitats are three reasons we reviewed. Can you think of any others? If you have grown food where you’re at, what was your experience?

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