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Plant Nursery in Northfield MN

MEG's Edible Landscapes is the local Plant Nursery Northfield MN. Shown in the photo are dill, mint, parsley and pansies in edible grow bags.
MEG’s Edible Grow Bags shown in front of the historic Northfield Train Depot. From left to right are dill, parsley, spearmint, and pansies.

Your Local Plant Nursery in Northfield MN

MEG’s Edible Landscapes TM is your local edible plant nursery Northfield MN. You can catch us at the Northfield Riverwalk Market Fair from Spring until the Fall on Saturday mornings. Check out our announcements section or the Northfield Riverwalk Market Fair website for dates and times.

Since this was our first year in business, we decided to sell at the Faribault Farmer’s Market in the spring and the Riverwalk Market Fair in the fall. This was to avoid cannibalizing our sales in Faribault (the place MEG’s Edible Landscapes started in 2020). We also set up at the corner of Schilling Drive and Hester Street in Dundas, MN to get the word out. Mission accomplished!!! Next year we won’t be setting up at this location. Instead, we plan on selling exclusively in Northfield at the Riverwalk Market Fair.

There are other plant nurseries in Northfield, MN. However, there’s only one that sells edible plants exclusively and provides service plus educational opportunities. That is none other than MEG’s Edible Landscapes. We are your edible plant nursery Northfield MN. There’s also only one nursery dedicated to helping you grow food wherever you’re at currently. We aren’t joking. Even If you live in a conversion van on the Cannon River, we can most likely find a solution to help you grow food.

Around Northfield MN

As you drive around Northfield, keep your eyes open for our edible grow bags. They’re super easy to spot! You might see them on someone’s patio, deck or even on a windowsill. They also may be displayed around the local Northfield landmarks like Bridge Square, one of the many parks or even City Hall.

So long as there is enough sun for the particular plant grown, they can literally be grown anywhere. MEG’s Edible Landscapes also delivers and picks up grow bags. We like to think of ourselves as a throw back to the 1950’s era milkman. This method of delivery was chosen to reduce waste from grow bags.

Plant Nursery Northfield MN. Dill and pansy grow bags from MEG's Edible Landscapes are shown in a photo at Northfield's Bridge Squares
A dill plant and pansy are chilling on a November day at Northfield’s Bridge Square. The Pansy has been growing since April!

We’d like to take a moment and play off a famous quote from Henry Ford by saying “any customer can have a colored grow bag so long as it’s black.” Don’t worry about the color though. It may seem like a big deal to have a plant in a black bag when temperatures rise during the summer. We did tests on different types of plants in our grow bags. Even when daytime temperatures exceeded 80F, the plants were not overheated. In case you were unaware, plants typically shut down photosynthesis around 85F anyways. If the plant looks droopy with the temperatures rising into the 90’s, that’s what is happening. It’s the plants way of protecting itself! How amazing are plants!

Plant Nursery Northfield MN MEG's Edible Landscapes Edible Grow Bags on display overlooking the Cannon River Dam in downtown Northfield MN.
Parsley and spearmint grow bags from MEG’s Edible Landscapes keep each other company on a brisk yet beautiful Northfield day overlooking the Cannon River dam.

Delivery To Northfield

Did we mention Delivery? Even though MEG’s Edible Landscapes doesn’t have a physical store located in Northfield, we can still get plants to your doorstep with our delivery service. Delivery service adds the extra value of surveying your growing location and offering location suggestions for optimum growth. Leave the lifting to us. Even though our products are fairly light compared to traditional terra-cotta containers, we’d love to move your plants into position for you. The owner of MEG’s looks at this task as “company-paid” exercise!

Keep growing!