Plant pots near me

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MEG’s Edible Landscapes sells fabric grow bag plant pots. These fabric pots are the best environment for your edible plants to thrive!

Plant pots near me
Plant pots near me



MEG’s edible landscapes is located in the beautiful Sogn Valley just to the east of Dennison, Minnesota. If you’d like to see the plant nursery or like to shop for plant pots in person, give us a call to make an appointment. We currently start all of our plants from seed on site. This consists of all of our popular annual edible plants like tomatoes, peppers, melons, cucumbers, lettuce, and so much more. If you’d like to see some photos of the plants that we produce here on site check out our online store.

Where to find us around Northfield in Faribault

MEG’s Edible Landscapes it’s an unconventional plant nursery. We deal with edible plants exclusively.Our plant nursery is out in the country, but you’re sure to see us around Northfield, Faribault, and throughout the Twin Cities. This year, we will be at the Riverwalk market in Northfield, Minnesota, and the Faribault Farmers Market from June until October. We also make deliveries to these areas. You might also see our plants in common areas around town. Keep your eye out for the fabric grow bags and you’ll know for sure it came from MEG.

More about the pots

Here’s some more useful information about the plant pots near me. Meg sells all edible plants in fabric grow bags currently. This is because through experience, grow bags offer the best growing environment for an edible plant. The roots have maximum access to oxygen saturation when they’re going through their respiration cycle. This is a critical part of a plant’s vitality and growth. Common problems with traditional in-ground gardening include dense soil and aeration. These problems are eliminated with fabric grow bags due to the semi permeable membrane a.k.a. fabric.

Benefits for your plants

There are many variables and inputs involved with the success of your edible plant. Some of those were covered in the last paragraph. Additional benefits of using MEG’s fabric bags are benefits for growing in Minnesota. Springtime can bring cold weather especially late in May up to and past Mother’s Day. Edible plants in terra-cotta pots can be difficult to move when they’re loaded down with soil, plants and water. Plastic pots cause additional problems because the roots don’t have as much access to oxygen due to the plastic being non-breathable. Fabric pots also don’t have the issues with roots swirling the container developing into a condition commonly referred to as being “root-bound”.

More benefits

Except for the plant pots smaller than 1 gallon, all the grow bags have two handles on the bag making it super easy to move. Bonus for Minnesota! If we have yo-yoing temperatures in early spring where the nighttime lows dip below freezing, simply placed your grow bags at the edge of your garage and open the garage door in the morning and close it at night. Too easy!

Accessories for your plant pots

Accessories can be used with Megs fabric grow pots just like any other type of container. MEG’s uses Bamboo for trellises and teepees. We also use hemp twine to secure the bamboo to the handles on the grow bag. Bamboo or other types of stakes will work well with these bags. You can add the stake at any time. Just be sure to push the stake down slowly into the soil so as to not disrupt the roots. Over time, the roots will grow around the stake where it will become a support for the plant structure. Wire cages to support tomatoes also work well with the fabric grow pots. Simply push them down into the soil.

Automatic watering

If you want to automate watering, that’s easy to do with megs grow bags also. Simply place a grow bag into a shallow dish or container and add the water to that dish or container. The grow bag will wick up the water into the grow bag supplying the roots with water. There are many other ways of automating watering of the grow bags. You could use a simple timer and a water spigot with a hose running to the grow bag. You could also use a bucket with a wick that’s elevated and allows water to run down the wick into the grow bag. This would work better for the smaller herb bags.

You can have any color as long as it’s black

As henry Ford once said, you can have any color as long as it’s black. We’ve tried other colors of grow bags before, but they don’t look as great late in the season. The soil tends to bleed through the color. This is especially true with tan or light colored grow bags. You might think that the color black would cause the grow bag to get too hot during the summer months. However, we have found that the temperatures stay consistent regardless of the color of the grow bag. If you have a pretty container, you can simply place the fabric grow bag into that container. Just be sure that there is at least an inch of clearance between the side of the grow bag and the side of the container so you can maximize the benefits of having the fabric grow bag.

Final thoughts

Grow bags have been used for decades now. Through trials, they are clearly the superior pot for your plant. They can be used with accessories like cages, stakes, and twine. They make it super easy to be able to move a plant indoors during the early spring or late fall to avoid frost. Lastly, grow bags create the best growing environment for a red structure for really any plant. And they’re also relatively inexpensive compared to terra-cotta and other kinds of pots.