MEG’s Premium CSA Membership

MEG’s Premium CSA Membership allows you the time freedom to grow food without the traditional work associated with starting and tending a garden! Plus, we’re throwing in a ton of extras. If you’re not wowed by then end of the season, then we failed.

This premium membership includes:

*Raised Cedar Grow Bed

*Automated Watering System

*Plant Delivery Every Other Week/

Plus Checkups From a Horticulturalist

*Pruning and soil adjustments done for you

*Access To Exclusive Content For Harvesting and

How-to Recipes From Local Chefs

*You Get to Choose Your Plants

*All Grown At Your Home

*Plus Special bonuses

How the Premium CSA Membership Works

How the Basic CSA Membership Works Infographic


Your first month with MEG costs only $1. Sign up Here. Before the last day of May, you’ll have two options for continued service:

Option 1

Pay the remainder of the Premium CSA Membership which is *$1,199 for the 2023 season (5 total months beginning in May-September). This is a discounted rate. *sales tax extra.

Option 2

Pay monthly which will be *$399 per month starting the first week of June. *sales tax extra.

The Details

The Premium CSA runs from the first week of May to to the last week of September. We’ll drop your first round of plants off at your place within the first two weeks of May. You will receive bi-weekly deliveries after that. Plants will be delivered at seasonally appropriate times. This means cool-season plants will come to you first. Warm-season plants will be delivered when Minnesota decides to warm up above 50F for overnight lows 🙂 (typically the first week of June).

All you have to do is harvest your plants when they’re ready. We retain ownership of all the equipment including the grow bags, potting soil, rigging, irrigation system, raised bed, etc. If you’re interested in keeping some or all of the system, let us know and we’ll send you a quote. When the plants complete their growing cycle (i.e. lettuce plant gone to seed), we’ll pick up the bags at the next delivery. We pick any remaining equipment and grow bags up in October.

Initial Setup and Requirements

Look for a south-facing area (discussed during the phone consultation too). Your plants will have the best set-up for success on the south side. Other possibilities exist if there isn’t a southern exposure.

Identify your water source (discussed during the phone consultation). Water faucets on the exterior of the home should work fine as long as they’re not plumbed into the water softener.

Plant Day Arrival. We’ll set your grow bags at the pre-determined location and hook-up or set-up any other required equipment (i.e. irrigation system, covers, raised grow bed, etc.).

Plant Selection

Just about any type of edible plant works with our grow bag system. We have many types of greens including kale, chard, and lettuce varieties. We also have tomatoes, peppers, melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, snap peas, beans, herbs, edible flowers and much more. Click here for a complete list of available plants.

The Premium CSA Membership includes:

  • 1-gallon herb grow bags (15 total/3 per month)
  • 5-gallon grow bag (2 total: 1 dropped off in June/July plus 1 bonus)
  • 7-gallon grow bags (6 total: 1 dropped off in June/July plus 1 bonus)
  • 7-gallon wide grow bags (15 total/Start with 7 in May, 2 per month plus 1 bonus)
  • 10-gallon wide grow bags (2 total/ 1 in May & 1 in June)

This is a total of 40 grow bags

Helpful Tips For Success

  • Water is the most critical input to the success of your plants. Grow bags are nearly impossible to overwater. However, they dry out quicker than in-ground plants. When the summer temperatures arrive, they’ll most likely need to be watered everyday. The bigger the plant = the greater amount of water required.
  • Periodically check your plants for any signs of pests or damage (i.e. holes in leaves). It’s best to catch problems early. Here’s a link to the University of Minnesota Extension Service on common Minnesota pests. We have remedies and helpful tactics to deal with common pests and problems.
  • Don’t forget to harvest! This is the best part. Different plants will be ready to harvest at different times. See our individual grow bag information for info on harvesting.