Blue Borage Plant


MEG’s Blue Borage plants produce beautiful blue star flowers. Both the leaves and flowers are edible. The flowers even taste like cucumbers!

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Blue Borage Plants

MEG’s Blue Borage Plants are a delight to watch grow. The plants produces vibrant blue star flowers which taste like cucumbers! Say what? That’s right. Your tastebuds and eyes will have a fun time trying to figure out how a flower tastes like a cucumber.

  5 Helpful Points:

  1. 1 plant per 3 gallon grow bag
  2. Expected yield: 50-75+ flowers over the plant’s life
  3. Great for salads, drinks, pastries and garnishes
  4. Full sun preferred
  5. Leaves and flowers are edible

When to expect harvest

Plants are sold when they’re ready to eat! We recommend not harvesting more than 30% of leaves at one time. Plants can be expected to reach flowering stage in June for our Minnesota climate.

Growth habit of Blue Borage Plants

Plants have a central leader. This means the plant will grow with a main stem and send out alternating leaf shoots as it grows. Plants will grow 2-2.5′ in height. Flower buds will begin to grow after the plant is about 12-18″ tall. Buds grow in clusters and will unfold to reveal beautiful bright blue star flowers!

Basic care information for Blue Borage Plants

Thoroughly saturate the grow bag with water in the morning before the heat of the day arrives. If daytime highs are consistently above 70F, your plant will need to be watered daily. Check the grow bag frequently by using the finger method described on the bag tag.

Slow-release fertilizer is included in every Blue Borage grow bag. Add supplemental fertilizer if the leaves start to turn light green or pale in color. Look for fertilizer labeled for vegetables or use a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content i.e. fish emulsion.

Recipe to try with Blue Borage Plants

Here’s a recipe you may enjoy: Edible Flower Pistachio Shortbread Cookies.

More Information

Check out MEG’s Edible Knowledge Base for more information on edible flowers.