Curly Leaf Kale


MEG’s Curly Leaf Kale come in green or purple leaf options. Both have that familiar curly leaf growth. Green kale has a more traditional kale flavor and the purple kale has a milder flavor.

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Curly Leaf Kale Plants

MEG’s Curly Leaf Kale Plants produce 10-12” green or purple curly leaves depending on the variety you choose.

  5 Helpful Points:

  1. 1 plant per 3 gallon grow bag
  2. Expected yield: 20-30+ (10-12” leaves)
  3. Great for salads, snacking and baked for kale chips
  4. Full sun preferred in colder months, partial shade during hotter months
  5. Frost tolerant

When to expect harvest

Plants are sold when they’re ready to eat! We recommend not harvesting more than 30% of the plant at one time. Kale grows slower than lettuce and other leafy green plants but will reward you with plenty of tasty leaves.

Growth habit

Curly leaf kale has an upright growing habit. This means that the active growing point is at the top of the stem where you’ll see newer leaves forming. Newer leaves have a fresher taste. Older leaves will be towards the bottom of the plants. You may choose to leave some of the older leaves on the plant for photosynthesis and harvest plants higher up on the stem.

The kale plant will look like a mini palm tree by the end of the growing season 🙂

Basic care information for Curly Leaf Kale plants

Thoroughly saturate the grow bag with water in the morning before the heat of the day arrives. If daytime highs are consistently above 70F, your plant will need to be watered daily. Check the grow bag frequently by using the finger method described on the bag tag.

Slow-release fertilizer is included in every nasturtium grow bag. Add supplemental fertilizer if the leaves start to turn light green or pale in color. Look for fertilizer labeled for vegetables or use a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content i.e. fish emulsion.

More Curly Leaf Kale Information

Check out MEG’s Edible Knowledge Base for more information on rainbow chard plants.



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