Edible Flower-of-the-Month Subscription


MEG’s Edible Flower Subscription consists of a monthly grow bag full of edible flowers. Note: These are live plants! Grow bags can be picked up at the Northfield Riverwalk Market or delivered to a location of your choosing (delivery service extra). Subscription runs from May to September.

Edible Flower Varieties:

  • Nasturtiums
  • Calendula
  • Violas
  • Pansies
  • Borage
  • Sunflowers!
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MEG’s Edible Flower Subscription makes a great gift for someone special or can brighten your living area throughout the warmer months. Subscription includes 5 monthly edible flower grow bags plus a bonus grow bag.

5 Key Benefits:

  1. Time Freedom: Grow your own flowers without traditional time-sucking tasks (like weeding ;).
  2. 5 Months of Home-Grown Flowers: Subscription runs from May to September. Receive a new grow bag each month plus a bonus grow bag.
  3. Monthly Deliveries: Plants are dropped off at your chosen location once a month, or pick them up at the Northfield Riverwalk Market.
  4.  They’re Edible!: Grow your flowers and eat them too! Every flower in this subscription is edible.
  5. Seasonally Appropriate: Spring flowers start the subscription (i.e. violas) followed by summer flowers (i.e. sunflowers!).

Growing With MEG

MEG specializes in container gardening via grow bags. Each flower grow bag comes with everything needed for a successful growing experience. We custom blend soil to match your flowers’ growing needs including fertilizer. Simply find a sunny location and water daily.  That’s it! Click here for more information and helpful tips on growing your edible flowers or other edible plants.

We deliver cool-season flowers first in May. Pick up your edible flowers at the Northfield Riverwalk Market on Saturday mornings or choose a delivery location (we’ll contact you to arrange delivery).

We reuse grow bags! Return your grow bags at the end of the season to get a $5 credit for next year.

Tips For Success

  1. Find a south-facing space if possible.
  2. Water plants daily. Apply water until you see it seeping from the bottom of the grow bag.
  3. Harvest flowers frequently . This will encourage your plants to produce more flowers.
  4. Bonus Tip: If you’ll be out of town for a weekend, place the grow bag in a bucket of water. The flowers will wick up the water.

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