“Italian Cameo” Basil


“Italian Cameo” Basil is a dwarf hybrid basil variety. It’s the cross variety of the popular “Genovese” basil. The leaves have the same expected flavor but on a shorter plant.



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“Italian Cameo” Basil 

“Italian Cameo” basil is a cross of the popular “Genovese” Italian basil. The plant grows large tasty green leaves commonly used in pasta dishes and favorites like bruschetta!

5 Useful Points:

  1. Sweet Basil
  2. Fragrant leaves are similar to the “Genovese” variety
  3. Full sun preferred
  4. Bunnies like this variety. Please keep it away from them
  5. Won’t tolerate frost. Prefers low temperatures above 50F for best performance

Growth habit

Basil grows vertically and will try to set seed by flowering at the tips of the vertical stems. Take frequent cuttings from the tops of the stems to prolong the vegetative stage. Otherwise, the plant will flower and then produce seed ending the coveted vegetative leaf stage.

Basic care information for “Italian Cameo” Basil plants

Basil doesn’t need to be watered as frequently as other garden vegetables. Check the plant every day when daytime temperatures are above 70F. Follow the instructions on the bag tag for applying water. Basil does best with a consistent amount of water over time.


“Italian Cameo” basil is a warm-season annual herb. It prefers nighttime temperatures above 50F and will not take frost. If the temperatures are forecasted to be below 50F at night, simply move the bag inside or to a warmer environment.

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