“Magic Beanstalk” Runner Beans


“Magic Beanstalk” Runner beans are sure to wow you. Vigorously growing plants will produce bright red flowers and 6-8″+ pods. Wait for pods to dry to unveil the magical purple and black beans inside!

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“Magic Beanstalk” Runner Beans

“Magic Beanstalk” runner beans are a delight to watch grow. These scarlet runner bean plants are vigorous and will grow well over 8 feet tall. Beans are black and dark purple. The plants and beans look like something you’d see in a fairytale book!

  5 Helpful Points:

  1. Pods average 6-8″+ in length
  2. 50+ bean pods per 10 gallon grow bag
  3. Great for storing as dry beans. Also go well with soups, stews and other cooked dishes.
  4. Full sun preferred
  5. Not frost tolerant. Prefer night time temperatures above 50F.

When to expect ready-to-eat beans 

Ready-to-eat beans can be expected as early as August. These plants will flower and produce throughout the summer months.

Growth habit

“Magic Beanstalk” runner beans grow on vining plants. As the name implies, these vines will grow like a “magic beanstalk” growing 8-10 feet or more! Each vining plant will produce multiple pods during its lifecycle. Vines will produce tendrils (thread-like curly part) which will encircle objects to support their weight and growth. Bean flowers are a deep scarlet red and self-pollinating. By the way, this is where the term “scarlet runner” comes from.

Basic care information for “Magic Beanstalk” Runner Beans  plants

Thoroughly saturate the grow bag with water in the morning before the heat of the day arrives. If daytime highs are consistently above 70F, your plant will need to be watered daily. If below 70F, check the grow bag frequently by using the finger method described on the bag tag. Apply water to the base of the plant and avoid splashing water onto any part of the leaves.

Use a cage, trellis, suspended string or some other type of mechanical device to give the plants something to grab onto. Otherwise, they’ll grab a hold of each other and create a tangled mess (think of the hopelessly tangled Christmas light strand)!

Beans may be harvested for fresh eating when desired pod length is reached. For dry storage, allow pods to finish life cycle. Pods will turn a tan/brown color and foliage will start to die back. Break pods open to find dry beans. Store in an air-tight container.

Recipe to try with “Magic Beanstalk” Runner Beans

Here’s a recipe you may enjoy with runner beans in a Scarlet Runner Salad.

More Information

Check out MEG’s Edible Knowledge Base for more information on beans.

Additional information

Grow Bag Size

10 gallon grow bag