MEG’s CSA Premium Membership


MEG’s CSA Premium Membership is a one-of-a-kind CSA. It was designed to give you your time back that you’d otherwise be spending on pulling weeds! This 5-month CSA program runs from the beginning of May to the end of September or 22 weeks total.

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We’re pulling out all the stops with MEG’s CSA Premium membership! MEG’s CSA program flips the traditional CSA model on its head. Instead of you commuting to the farm or a pickup point, MEG brings the farm to you.

  5 Helpful Points:

  1. Time Freedom: Grow your own food without having the traditional time-sucking chores (i.e. weeding)
  2. 5 months of home-grown produce: CSA runs from May to September
  3. Customizable: You get to select your plants
  4. Automation: Watering is automated
  5. Aesthetically pleasing: Raised Cedar bed to host your plants

What To Expect With MEG’s CSA Premium Membership

Like many CSA memberships, there’s a lot of planning that takes place before the growing season begins. MEG’s CSA Premium membership is no exception to this. However, we go about it differently than other CSA programs since most of the growing will take place at your designated location. Below is a typical sequence of events for the CSA program.

Sign-Up for MEG’s CSA Premium Membership

The membership experience begins when you signup through our website here. It only takes a few minutes to tell us some basic information as well as your favorite edible plants.


After you submit the signup form, we’ll contact you to verify information and generate a plant schedule for the entire growing season. This part of the process also involves a site visit to determine the best location for your plants as well as location of water and electrical outlet. At the end of the site visit, we’ll schedule a date for delivery of the equipment and first round of plants. At this point of the process, $1 will be collected for your first round of plants and the “trial month”.


The long awaited day has arrived! On delivery day, we’ll setup the grow bed, automated equipment and plants. We’ll also get you familiarized with the automation equipment and answer any questions.

Risk-Free Trial and Continuing Service

The first month costs only $1. Once you fall in love with our system and decide to continue service, we’ll get you setup for the rest of the growing season. You’ll have two options at this point. Pay the rest up front at a discounted rate or pay monthly. If you’re not totally smitten by the awesomeness of this growing system and you’re thinking “I’d rather club a baby seal than look at this automated and effortless growing system”, we’ll pick up our plants and thank you for trying.

The Growing Season

MEG’s CSA follows Mother Nature. This means your plant schedule will be appropriate for the time of year. Cool-season plants will start the season off in May. Bi-weekly deliveries and checkups will follow. Once the night time temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, we’ll start to introduce the warm-season plants like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. This is typically in the early part of June. More warm-season plants will arrive during the end of June and July. As we approach September, Any finished plants will be removed and cool-season plants will arrive again to finish off the growing season. At the beginning of October, we’ll return to pick up the remaining plants and equipment. 

More Information for MEG’s CSA Premium Membership

Click here for more information on MEG’s CSA Premium membership. Let’s grow together!