Trinidad Moruga Scorpian: Former Ultimate Hot Pepper Of The World

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Trinidad Moruga Scorpian Peppers

Today’s program has been brought to you by the letter “T” for Trinidad Moruga Scoprian Pepper. That’s a little throw back to Sesame Street as well as a shout out to MEG’s new pepper addition for 2023. Have we lost our minds? Well, maybe a little, but we always love trying something new. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpian Pepper hails from its native home of ….. Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago.

The Consensus with Trinidad Moruga Scorpian Peppers

It’s freaking hot! The average Scorpion Pepper weighs in at 1.2 MILLION Scoville Heat Units. Is it hot enough to melt sand into glass? Probably not, but this pepper definitely is not skimping on the Capsaicin (you know, the chemical known for making you cry when you eat those beloved hot wings!).

Chemical Structure of Capsaicin

Although it’s never entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the hottest pepper in the world, it was certified as the hottest pepper by the New Mexico State University Chili Pepper Institute in 2012. Did you know there was such a thing as a Chili Pepper Institute? Neat! Their mission is to serve as a research institute for all things chili pepper related.

MEG’s Edible Landscapes

MEG is continuing to add new and exciting products to the lineup every year. This year, we’re adding more than half a dozen new hot pepper varieties alone. Those will be unveiled in the coming month. As Glen Frey would say, “The heat is on”! Gen X, you know what we’re saying!

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Final Thoughts

Well, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper is just pure heat. We can’t wait to see this beautiful plant grow out this summer in Minnesota!